Unlocking Wonderland

 Artists, in alphabetical order, included local and international standouts and some of the biggest creature and concept designers in Hollywood.

Artists Presented:


Preston Adell (Murrieta, CA),

Michelle Agin (Philadelphia, PA),

Ron Brillantes (Carlsbad, CA),

Alvaro Buendia (Irvine, CA),

Dee Chavez (Los Angeles, CA),

Sean Dietrich (Anacortes, WA),

Ivonne Escoto (Los Angeles, CA),

Nicole Filiatrault (Los Angeles, CA),

Stephen Fishwick (San Diego, CA),

David Van Gough (Julian, CA),

Peter Han (San Diego, CA),

April Hernandez (Carlsbad, CA),

Eddie Holly (San Diego, CA),

Erika San Luis Holly (San Diego, CA),

Dan Mac Isaac (San Diego, CA),

Daniel Jaimes (San Diego, CA),

Dean MacAdam (San Diego, CA),

Mando Medrano (San Diego, CA),

Rod Mojica (San Diego, CA),

Adam Kyron Murillo (San Diego, CA),

Neville Page (Los Angeles, CA),

Mark Richmond (Miami, FL),

Grisha Smirnov (Moscow, Russia),

Michael Striler (Carlsbad, CA),

Steven Van (Menifee, CA),

Arnaud de Vallois (Berlin, Germany),

Danelle Vierkant (Los Angeles, CA),

Sam Wallace (San Diego, CA).


Unlocking Wonderland

An exhibit curated by  Tracy Black



Exhibited at California Center for the Arts, Escondido:  May 21st - August 14th 2016


The "Frabjous" Opening  Night Review

Exhibit Highlights

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Curiouser and curiouser!“ with Walt Disney Pictures’ much anticipated film release of, Alice Through the Looking Glass, we hope to share with you the key to this strange and fascinating world. Over 25 world renowned artists who have worked for the likes of The Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Henson Studios, 3D Systems, and Gentle Giant Studios, including the SyFy Network’s celebrity Face Off judge, Neville Page, have created works in tribute to this literary opus.


The Museum exhibit explores the fantasy and whimsy that has kept audiences spellbound for well over a century. The exhibition also aims to raise awareness for the Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) who works to aid children around the world who are missing or have lost the use of limbs or eyes; have been severely burned, injured due to war, natural disaster, or illness. Several pieces of original works created by children who have received aid from the GMRF will be on view.

Journey to unlock hope for the children who are a part of the 

Global Medical Relief Fund organization.  Please click HERE for more information about  GMRF